How to Deal With Being Dumped by Your Boyfriend and Take Control

Published: 29th January 2010
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When you have been dumped by your boyfriend it can really break your heart, especially if it comes out of the blue. You thought you had met the man of your dreams and would live happy ever after. But now he has ended the relationship and shattered your heart and your dreams. So how can you deal with being dumped by your boyfriend and take control?

First of all if you have been arguing with your boyfriend since the break up and exchanging angry texts and emails, you should stop this at once! And if you have been begging and pleading with him to take your back, this behaviour must stop as well.

You are certainly not making yourself look good by acting this way. Acting desperate and needy is not very attractive and all you are really doing is driving him further away from you.

So the next thing you should do is to cut off all contact with your boyfriend and disappear for a week or two. If you can stay with friends or take a holiday, this would be ideal. If not, then just stay out of reach and out of contact with your boyfriend.

This will give you some time and space to get your emotions under control and calm down. You will then be able to see things more clearly when you are away from the situation and decide what to do next. You can decide if you really want to get back with your boyfriend or not. You can ask yourself if you are you better off without him and whether you should move on and find someone new. There are plenty of other boys in the world and you certainly do not have to settle for second best.

In the meantime your boyfriend will be very stunned and surprised when you disappear from the scene and his ego will be severely deflated. All the while you were texting and emailing him and begging and pleading with him, this gave his ego a terrific boost. He must have secretly felt great after being chased and wanted by you so much.

But now you have disappeared from the scene and left him wondering what has happened to you. Now he has time to think and he will begin to wonder if he made the right choice by dumping you. It is highly likely that he will try and contact you, but just ignore him for a while. Let him stew! Let him worry and wonder what you are getting up to. Let him suffer for a change.

People always want what they cannot have. So if make yourself unavailable, it is highly likely that your boyfriend will start missing you and wanting you back again. This is called reverse psychology and it is a great way to deal with being dumped by your boyfriend and take control. The ball is now in your court, you call the shots and you can decide if you still want him or not.

Marian R Bond

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